K'okasemera Adventures - Uganda

Carry joy in your heart

K'okasemera Adventures - Uganda

Carry joy in your heart

K'okasemera Adventures - Walk The Bible

Uganda a great place to tell our story and we let our visitors know a little more about us; no matter what is happening, remain consis­tent; continue treating people well, continue walk­ing in the fruit of the Spirit.

We don't know what kind of fruit we have until somebody comes along and squeezes it and we don't know how much fruit we have until somebody is picking it all day.

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Walk The Bible - www.kokasemeraadventures.com

Walk The Bible - www.kokasemeraadventures.com

Walk the Bible

K'okasemera Adventure is not just a once off event. This is only the beginning. Join us and our "Walk the Bible" program that will be part of the 4T program and will continue year after years. We believe there is a lot of other supportive tourism organization and resources, corporate houses of prayer that can make a massive impact and contribution to this joint adventure.

In the Bible, people are told to hold their peace, because peace is a place of power. God tells us not to be moved when our opponents and adversaries come against us.

We are to remain constant, fearless, and at peace.

His Word says, "The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still" (Exodus 14:14).


Jews, Christians and Muslims are waiting for the Savior to return. But is it possible that he is already here with us? Around the world, people who call themselves Jesus Christ, the Messiah, the Savior, or the King of the Jews - all with their disciples, live all believers convinced that they are the Son of God.

K'okasemera Adventure has in recent years visited these living Messiahs, and the photographs and stories of the meetings have become part of our history, and some have given miracles.

The motivation behind 'Walk the Bible' lies in a thought experiment, because if so many accept this belief and prophecy that the Savior will return, why can't it be one of those K'okasemera Adventure has met in Uganda?

What makes someone convinced that they are God's son? What makes people gather about them and believe they have found the Savior?

K'okasemera Adventure builds their houses, cultivates the land and has its own tour program outside the Safari program and we do not find it difficult to draw parallels to the stories in the Bible, about Jesus and his disciples.

- "I'll come as a thief in the night," written again and again in the scripture. Our Messiah will come when we least expect it and in a figure we are not expecting. In this way, the prophecies are fulfilled, for Jesus was an adventurer and always traveling.

For the K'okasemera Adventure, it has made a strong impression on getting so close to people who believe so strongly in and outside Uganda that is crowded with disciples and meaningful lives; They see signs from God and meaning in everything that surrounds us. ' Obviously, they have much more meaning for life, and to a lesser extent slave of science that characterizes the more rational world; that everything should be scientifically proven to present greater challenges.

K'okasemera Adventure offers the opportunity to become a little more humble to questions about how important it is that these things are real and true, versus; The meaning it gives to those who believe and Walk the Bible. 



Walk The Bible - www.kokasemeraadventure.come