K'okasemera Adventures - Uganda

Carry joy in your heart

K'okasemera Adventures - Uganda

Carry joy in your heart

6 days birdwatching tour - www.kokasemeraadventures.com- K'okasemera Adventures™ 

Have you fallen in love with birds and their colours and uniqueness? Join our 6 days birdwatching tour Uganda to explore the vibrant bird life that Uganda has to offer.

The trip takes you to explore parks to include Lake Mburo, Lake Albert and Queen Elizabeth National park. Watch out for an opportunity to see the shoebill stork and also birds to include pelicans and so much more. 


Day 1: K'okasemera Adventures™ drive from Kampala  to Lake Mburo for bird watching, you will start watching and searching for birds from the Nshara gate.

Watch out for birds like the

* Greater Blue Eared Starling,

* Green Wood Hoopoe,

* Common Scimitarbill,

* Lilac breasted Roller,

* Trilling Cisticola,

* Bare faced Go-Away Bird,

* Wood Hoopoe,

* Green Spot-Flanked Barbet Northern Black Tit, and so much more.  Later you will go for spot light game drive.

Watch out for nocturnal animals’ like

* Leopards, and

* Jackals.


Day 2: Nature walk and Bird watching around Lake Mburo park searching for birds. On the walk you will encounter plenty of species including wetland and savannah species.

Watch out for

*Red Headed lovebird,

* Black Collared Barbet,

* Lead coloured Flycatcher,

* Green capped Eremomela and so much more.

Day 3: Game drive / transfer to Queen Elizabeth national park, you will go for a game drive along the Lakeside track.

Watch out for birds like

* elusive shoebill,

* papyrus gonolek,

* Lesser and Greater Swamp Warbler,

* African Water Rail,

* Spur winged plovers,

* Blue headed Coucal.,

* African Darter, and so much more.

In the afternoon K'okasemera Adventures™ will transfer you to Queen Eliabeth national park. overnight at camp/lodge 

Day 4: Game drive and Birdwatching in Kasenyi Area. Watch out for animals and plenty of birds in the area. You will see plenty of animals and also plenty of birds at the shores. Watch out for birds like

* Pied Kingfisher,

* Copper Sunbird,

* Scarlet-chested Sunbird,

* Widow-birds, Bishops,

* Grey-backed Fiscal,

* Black-bellied Bustard,

* Common Button Quail,

* Red-chested Sunbird,

Then Uganda Temminck’s Courser, and Plain-backed Pipit, then again:

* African Wattled Lapwing,

* Spur-winged Lapwing,

* Martial Eagle,

* Black-headed Gonolek,

* pelicans , and so much more.

Day 6: Departure – K'okasemera Adventures™ drive from Queen Elizabeth park to Kampala and you will visit the equator en-route and watch out for birds at the equator and en-route as you end your 6 days birdwatching K'okasemera Adventures™ tour.