K'okasemera Adventures - Uganda

Carry joy in your heart

K'okasemera Adventures - Uganda

Carry joy in your heart

Upcoming events 2020 - EAT Foundation 

Needs some great talent to develop and attend the First national Agroecology, Food and CBT Conf' 2020 in Fort Portal, Uganda.

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EAT Foundation - www.kokasemeraadventures.com

EAT Foundation - www.kokasemeraadventures.com

EAT Foundation - Africa 2020 

EAT Foundation for Africa? Yes, it’s about how to save our planet from climate crisis and EAT should be able to focus on the majority of our planet poor and minorities that cannot afford to live a Zerowaste life-style or live as healthy as EAT plans for.

Then let Africa invite EAT Foundation to participate at equal level – and make the change everyone wants to see in the world by stopping giving billions in tax relief to the richest in the hope that they will spend a thousand dollars to create new jobs in Africa - the best place on the planet when it comes to renewable energy.

African climate policy is unique in the sense that when we talk about problems with increased climate change it is always at a macro level that is almost impossible to imagine and there are consequences that do not really belong in Africa. Then we can do something about this together by changing the world's economic system ........ How?

Africa should not move any level of climate shame, but ve aware we are all trapped in this system and it’s not the case that the rich world should dominate, it don’t matter, and Africa needs its growth of green development and we need CBT - tourists who can participate in EAT Foundation premises; it’s both yours and my responsibility to point out the distribution in consumption, pollution and power and together do something about it without worrying about how green your bank account is.

Africa wants to change the voice that say we are destroying our planet and getting voices that say the economic system destroys our planet - because people cannot get rid of themselves, but can get rid of a system we don’t want or need and the best thing humans can do is to get together at conferences such as EAT for what we believe in and force world leaders to change from A to Z, and history can tell us reasons and now we are at a crossroads in history. 


EAT Foundation - www.kokasemeraadventures.com

EAT Foundation - www.kokasemeraadventures.com

CBT- Tourism, Culture & Conservation www.kokasemaadventures.com

The events forward: Protecting our heritage and fostering CBT - creativity

Both heritage and creativity lay the foundations for vibrant, innovative and prosperous knowledge societies ref. UNESCO.

Then Uganda have these traditional Ugandan female and male costumes - and can be made by www.kokasemeraadventures.com local seam -stresses that enjoy making these outfits.

These events and activities will have the dual role of encouraging for CBT - development based on social values, and providing economic revenue through trade and interaction between K'okamesera Adventures were fashion styles travelling with culture and skills.

With events this way, we hope to develop our social cohesion, and pass our skills from one generation to the next.


Kaftan - were fashion styles travelling www.kokasemeraadventures.com

Gomesi - were fashion styles travelling www.kokasemeraadventures.com

Suti - were fashion styles travelling www.kokasemeraadventures.com

4 T- were fashion styles travelling www.kokasemeraadventures.com

K'okasemera Adventures curiosity, sense of adventure and constant authenticity makes Tooro the perfect fit as a place to see. Book your visit at email@kokasemeraadventures.com and let’s toast to K'okasemera Adventures rich character. We look forward to bringing you extraordinary experiences and the best of Tooro excellence with safari tour and custom tailored trips, personalized recommendations, detailed knowledge of best West Uganda travel destinations - Fort Portal, Rwenzori, Lyamabwa, Crater lakes, matooke, birds and everything that characterizes our region.