K'okasemera Adventures - Uganda

Carry joy in your heart

K'okasemera Adventures - Uganda

Carry joy in your heart

K'okasemera T-shirt

K'okasemera happens when heart's resonance synchronized with all your adventures from Tooro, Rwenzori, Uganda and East Africa.

You saw it on a photo: a K'okasemera T-shirt

Though it was partially covered the swinging shape of a slim giraffe in the mass with other BIG5 forms and your own design, right side, follow the wave as it entered the doors of the tourist bus that soon welcome half a dozen New birds - that, fly back and forth along the trees until they are maybe a dozen feet away from you....

with your camera with right hand on the trigger, the other arm dangling like in Africa, your hips relax, each color - feather, beautiful, daylight, shade, night, heavy cotton trousers, sandals, and jacket dangling from the backpack - colors ....

except K'okasemera single-color T-shirt, own design, its Africa fabricated, deep drapery folds, cotton heavier than usual, good waist and short sleeves the same material rolled, eye-catching for its pure bright colors, hinting at your beauty, and beautiful in itself: a K'okasemera T-shirt, one serious object...

- at Owino, market or any Fort Portal adventure, many have done the same journey, many at the same table, but with your eyes, a T-shirt, your own design through a short moment, K'okasemera T-shirt on your body...

An adventure remains.



K'okasemera T -shirts online sells - Now Limited Edition - www.kokasemeraadventures.com

Design your own T-shirt 

K' okasemera Adventures T-shirts nice design printed on woven cloth and high quality canvas: 360 g / m2 of african fabric. 


T-shirts online - www.kokasemeraadventures.com

It's the dream we carry, that something wonderful will happen -

that time should open up, that hearts should open up, that doors should open up and that the mountain should open up.

That dreams should open up, that we should find a road we haven't known about - www.kokasemeraadventures.com


Have a great momement with www.kokasemeraadventures.com - the time is now.

It's the dream we carry, that something wonderful will happen www.kokasemeraadventures.com

JUSTgoPEDAL, www.kokasemeraadventures.com, 4 Tour


www.kokasemeraadventures.com, 4 Tour

JUSTgoPEDAl , www.kokasemeraadventures.com, 4Tourist / JUSTgoPEDAL in Tooro with our concept for go on and pedal between beautiful craterlakes and our friendly villages - just allow us to guide with our guides that know to XT-pedal K'okasemera adventure 🚴‍♂️ you could have it all for hours, days , weeks or months.

JUSTgoPEDAL, www.kokasemeraadventures.com, 4 Tour

K'okasemera Adventures curiosity, sense of adventure and constant authenticity makes Tooro the perfect fit as a place to see. Book your visit at email@kokasemeraadventures.com and let’s toast to K'okasemera Adventures rich character. We look forward to bringing you extraordinary experiences and the best of Tooro excellence with safari tour and custom tailored trips, personalized recommendations, detailed knowledge of best West Uganda travel destinations - Fort Portal, Rwenzori, Lyamabwa, Crater lakes, matooke, birds and everything that characterizes our region.


Bush Night and stars - K'okasemera


K'okasemera Adventures select for you the correct month; January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September and then comes december before 2020 with new programs of interest.

Our 4 Tourist programs are valid for travel from June to September 2019 reaching from two weeks to three months, or days alongside our rivers, Rwenzori and Mountains of the Moon in Tooro, Uganda.

We welcome you to catch a glimpse of the stars halfway to heaven with our CBT - design package tours.