K'okasemera Adventures - Uganda

Carry joy in your heart

K'okasemera Adventures - Uganda

Carry joy in your heart

Tailor Made Safari


Tailor Made Safaris

K'okasemera Adventures™ your specialist tour operator for the best tours and safaris to Uganda!

Congratulations, you have come to your one-stop-shop for the greatest tailor made safari holidays available. K'okasemera Adventures™ create tailor made safari tours and packages specifically for you where the focus lies on having a genuine African experience, rather than a rushed sightseeing tour.

Tailor made safaris offers guided K'okasemera Adventures™ tours where you have to do nothing else but enjoy yourself, and enjoy guided activities at the destinations.

At K'okasemera Adventures™, our friendly team is here to make life easy for you. Instead of giving you hundreds of options to choose from, we have personally selected our favourite holiday destinations Uganda has to offer.


K'okasemera Adventures™ interactive map lets you create your own tailor made Itinerary with just a few clicks. If you don't want to choose your own destinations, visit K'okasemera Adventures™ tour page instead. Here you'll find a number of example​tours which you can use as a template for building your own tailor made tour.

K'okasemera Adventures™ have personally selected the greatest destinations for you and created tours that are logistically feasible and cost effective.

Using K'okasemera Adventures™ smart filter our website will show you only the options that are relevant for you, so it is easy to select the tour that is your best fit. You simply let K'okasemera Adventures™ know which tour you are interested in and if you would like to make any changes to it, K'okasemera Adventures™ then create the perfect tailor made safari holiday for you.